Finnish robot with artificial intelligence doesn’t really get your hopes up

People are scolding about artificial intelligence and robots, but for what I’ve seen, they are still quite prototypes and will remain so for some time before actual production. I’m not talking about some warehouse robots who only have some routes programmed or things to deliver; I’m talking about robots who can actually “decide” things.

In Finland, tech professor visited “morning TV” to present one of the most advanced robots that use pure AI. Comedian and radio host Jaajo Linnonmaa posted video snap to Instagram with laughing out loud emojis stating “it will take a while until robots are replacing us at work.” I agree.

In the video, it just says colors and the professor says “and that’s not all.” But nothing happens.

In Japan and USA, there are actually quite cool robots, but we’re far from those from the movies where robots live among people. Let’s check back in 20 years.

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