5 funny videos from the weird side of YouTube

Every now and then you find yourself from the darker side of YouTube. The videos appear to be twisted, weird, disturbing, disgusting or just plain funny without any sense at all. These five are the more bizarre ones.

Skiigge Böy

Not many people outside Finland know about Kummeli, one of the most famous Finnish sketch shows that started in the early 90s. They have many short spots where they make fun of foreigners. In Skiikke Böy nature show they imitate Danish nature shows pretty accurately. Kummeli’s Danish language is arguably accurate.

Pikachu dance

My two kids are always browsing YouTube, sometimes a little too much. Once I found my 3-year-old son laughing about some video that had a catchy tune, so I went to see what it was all about. He found it funny, I found it weird, a bit annoying, but also great, incredibly weird fun, so here it is – a spot well deserved. 99 million views can’t be wrong, right?


The song is actually by Indonesian child pop star Faiha and the title of the song is Cari Pokemon. You can watch the official music video here.

Space Cats

I don’t know the origin of this video. I find it amazing. Incredible Things described it beautifully:

Youtuber Enjoyker posted this music video called “Space Cats — Magic Fly.” It is truly something to behold. True story: I, too, am a cat from space. I’d say it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, but it is. It really is. Only downside is, uh… actually you know what? There is no downside. Being a space cat is the shit! Meow meow meow meow meow pew pew

Stop What You’re Doing & Watch This Space Cats Music Video

I have nothing else to add.

Chicken song

More songs with animals, yay! This time, we have a chicken in the spotlight. Amazeballs.

The Hampsterdance Song

This song is at least a decade old, perhaps two. I remember seeing a Hampsterdance Flash animation back in the days. Yes, that old.


Sure! in the same bat channel, in the same bat time, sometime in the future.

Thanks for reading! I need your attention for a moment.

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