What happened to Geeky Lifestyle? About Reviving That Geek Blog and more

Let’s face it; Geeky Lifestyle dot com has been in slumber for almost half a year. And for a reason. I personally suffered from some kind of burnout since I’ve been doing too much of everything lately. The summer break gave me time to think about the future of my blogs, and as close it was for me to shut this thing down, I didn’t. Instead, I decided to find time to revive it. And that time is now.

During this couple of years of geek blogging and taking notes, I have about 50 released blog posts, about the same amount of drafts, and even more ideas than before.

What’s coming

I have the geeky things in my daily routine, but I live and think in Finnish instead of English, so that’s still currently a thing in progress. I have a couple of more category ideas for Geeky Lifestyle, and now I’m here to present them.

Stuff to try

Stuff to try will be my first new category. It will contain lightweight, easy to read the material, like wallpapers and resources you might need. For some, it will be too much “for bored ones” kind of thing, but I’m sure for some it will be a gold mine. Let’s see. You never know if you don’t try.

GitHub findings and free software

This is a category I have no name yet, but my GitHub starred section is constantly filled up (right now over 1000 starred creations!) with new interesting software to try for both macOS and Linux (Windows, stick to gaming, haha). Although I’m a Unix guy, I have a new PC coming up so probably more Windows and even gaming related articles coming up!

Tell me!

I’m always eager to try new things. Email to roni@geekylifestyle.com and tell me what you think! I’ll even blog about your creation and findings if I find them worthwhile. Thanks for reading so far and keep things geeky! 😉

Thanks for reading! I need your attention for a moment.

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Roni Laukkarinen

Editor-in-chief and owner of Geeky Lifestyle blog. Truly a jack of all trades, a Swiss knife; an avid tech and multimedia geek, coder, owner of a digital agency company, sysadmin, music enthusiast, artist and film critic.

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  1. Pete

    If you take suggestions what to write: perhaps you know some software/feature that’s useful when, for example, writing code, or trying to solve some problem. I’m sure there are such gems hidden in plain sight that we all have, but don’t consider to be valuable enough for a blog post. 😉

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