Pied Piper from Silicon Valley Reacts to Apple’s iPhone X

HBO’s Silicon Valley is probably the best nerd comedy show out right now. I love how Pied Piper’s website evolves with the show. Fun fact; as a digital agency entrepreneur one of our customers once asked similar design than the Pied Piper’s one of the previous website. I was in awe about that request.

The show is not only funny because most of the things are true, but also because you can identify yourself if you are even remotely familiar with the Information Technology industry or startup culture in general.

It’s a sad thing that the show is on break right now, but while waiting for the next episode, we can laugh and enjoy this clip. Funny or Die has come up with a mash-up of Apple’s latest keynote and some Silicon Valley sequences, and the result is hilarious! See it yourself:

First spotted on Mashable: ‘Silicon Valley’ shows how ridiculous the new iPhone X truly is.

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Roni Laukkarinen

Roni Laukkarinen

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