Best way to merge multiple RSS feeds with PHP

There are many ways to create a combined RSS feed. After going through a couple of different options, I figured this one is quite frustrating to google. Most of the ways are outdated or too complicated so decided to share the solution I found.

I needed a quick way to show other blogs I’m writing on, all the latest articles combined. You could use this snippet on your WordPress theme or other website powered by PHP.

 * Merge multiple RSS feeds to one and display them on a web page
 * @package geekylifestyle

$rss = new DOMDocument();
$feed = array();
$urlarray = array(
  array( 'name' => 'Geeky Lifestyle', 'url' => '' ),
  array( 'name' => 'Dude',            'url' => '' ),
  array( 'name' => 'Huurteinen',      'url' => '' ),
  array( 'name' => 'Leffat',          'url' => '' ),

foreach ( $urlarray as $url ) {
  $rss->load( $url['url'] );

  foreach ( $rss->getElementsByTagName( 'item' ) as $node ) {
  $item = array(
    'site'  => $url['name'],
    'title' => $node->getElementsByTagName( 'title' )->item( 0 )->nodeValue,
    'desc'  => $node->getElementsByTagName( 'description' )->item( 0 )->nodeValue,
    'link'  => $node->getElementsByTagName( 'link' )->item( 0 )->nodeValue,
    'date'  => $node->getElementsByTagName( 'pubDate' )->item( 0 )->nodeValue,

  array_push( $feed, $item );

usort( $feed, function( $a, $b ) {
  return strtotime( $b['date'] ) - strtotime( $a['date'] );

$limit = 30;
echo '<ul>';
for ( $x = 0; $x < $limit; $x++ ) {
    $site = $feed[ $x ]['site'];
    $title = str_replace( ' & ', ' & ', $feed[ $x ]['title'] );
    $link = $feed[ $x ]['link'];
    $description = $feed[ $x ]['desc'];
    $date = date( 'l F d, Y', strtotime( $feed[ $x ]['date'] ) );

    echo '<li>';
    echo '<strong>'.$site.': <a href="'.$link.'" title="'.$title.'" target="_blank">'.$title.'</a></strong> ('.$date.')';
    echo '</li>';
echo '</ul>';

Originally posted on Mikko’s Project Corner.

Feel free to suggest other options in the comments!

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Roni Laukkarinen

Roni Laukkarinen

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    Oh it seems comma is allowed at the last item of multidimensional array? That’s a new thing. 🙂 Anyway, I’d do some micro optimization to that code by combining as many *echo* calls as possible and would just remove that *$limit* variable and write it directly to the loop. There are almost as many styles of coding as there are those who code. 🙂

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    Thanks for your wonderful piece of code.. I’ve been trying to aggregate multiple sites rss in one place as headlines.. Hope this works for me.

    But plz I am not good with codes. Can u plz write a code for me to aggregate multiple news feeds and display them in one place with only titles, dates, and source with the source favicon.
    Thank you in anticipation.

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