Black Sails “XXXVI” recap – episode 8 from fourth season

A rescue plan threatens to divide Flint and Silver; the true price of freedom becomes apparent to Max; Rackham seeks his prey; the Walrus enters uncharted territory.

Black Sails is currently one of the most intriguing and well made ongoing tv series. Naturally, you should read no further if you have not seen the episode because this recap includes massive spoilers about the latest episode.

Last time we were left wondering how the governor would pursue Billy’s plan and where the thing was going with Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny, and Max who were so close to making a deal with the grandmother of Eleanor Guthrie. We also were excited to see how the trade between the Spanish gold (that is no longer gold but diamonds) and John Long Silver’s beloved Madi goes through when Flint is against releasing the cache. Silver naturally prefers to get his girl back, which he and we all thought was dead for a few episodes back.

This week’s episode “XXXVI” starts when the governor retrieves a hidden pirate diary which has the routes that Captain Flint and others use. Billy is relieved that it was there as he said it, but Governor makes it clear their destinies are tied to the plan to defeat Flint and Long John Silver.

The discussion between Silver and Flint are always a delight. This time they are talking about piracy in common. Silver seems to ponder about whether piracy is not fighting towards something beyond the horror, but the horror itself. Flint refuses to believe it. I always thought Flint was more gloomy, but it seems tides have turned and Silver has finally gone to the dark side in psychologic-wise. Also didn’t think Flint would care that much about Madi, appeared to be strange to me.

The tension between Anne and Max is still there and they hardly form a discussion, but I somehow get how Anne feels. The dislike towards Max has been on for better part of the third and fourth seasons.

Governor is on thin ice, because his mates and crew are starting to lose trust for him. No wonder, the dude is a mess.

Governor is on thin ice because his mates and crew are starting to lose trust in him. No wonder, the dude is a mess. Even Mr. Hudson woman notices the governor’s grief and hatred and starts to plot against him after finding Eleanor’s old diary. However, Billy’s plan seems to work out when the governor finds Flint’s ship and starts to execute pirates in front of Flint and Jack.

When Madi is brought up, Flint gives an order to the gun crew to shoot, but Silver belays that order. Flint is not aware that he has the cache within the ship. Silver signals the governor and they start sailing towards the transaction point to the more secret waters.

The situation on the deck naturally pisses Flint off, and suddenly the cache is indeed more important than Silver’s beloved Madi. Silver manages to prove his point and Flint agrees that they will figure out the situation.

Meanwhile in Boston, the older madam Guthrie agrees to Max’s plan, but Max faces a difficult decision when Guthrie wants her to marry rich English man “for appearances” and power. Max tells about her disagreement to Anne and with sadness and disappointment she finally apologizes to Anne in her own way. Anne doesn’t look any happier, but she sits on the same bench and slowly gives her hand as they both stare into dark winter while snowflakes are slowly falling from the sky. Really beautiful and sad scene with the all so great slow cello music on the soundtrack.

When Flint and governor are arriving at the secret location, Flint tells one of the crew members a horror tale from Avery’s diary where 31 crew members were brutally died on the ship on the bay. That story might not be completely true, but true enough to scare the crew so that Flint can do his atrocities behind Silver’s back. As he and a crew member slit the cabin crewer’s throat, they start securing the stash themselves. When notorious Israel Hands catches them on the spot, he makes it clear that either Flint or he should die and for that reason tells Flint to just go.

When John Silver goes to the governor to tell about Flint’s deceitful actions, he also tells him about ordering his six best men to retrieve the cache and kill Flint in the process. And boom, in that cliffhanger we are left to wait for another week.

The one thing I love in Black Sails is the witty English.

I think this week’s episode was a bit slow but necessary. There were only a few minutes of action and perhaps too many dialogs, but it was all worth it. Max is somehow grown as a very irritating character as for where I love Anne more and more. As crazy as it sounds, I’m rooting for Flint more, although in real history he was just John Silver’s parrot.

The one thing I love in Black Sails is the witty English. New words learned today: equivocation – the use of ambiguous language to conceal the truth or to avoid committing oneself; prevarication.

I should also mention Luke Arnold (as Long John Silver) tweets very actively about the show. I have heard that the actors sometimes don’t like to watch themselves on television, but he is a delightful exception.

Which one do you root for?

What did you think of the episode? Tell us in the comment section!

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