Live chat for websites – stop looking, here’s the best choice

Live chat is a great way to talk to your visitors or potential customers. When I first started my small business I went through dozens of live chat software. The quality and prices vary a lot! Some have even $100 costs per month and have little extra value compared to competitors. This time I will save you the trouble to go through all of them and give your the absolutely best choice available.

Crisp Live Chat

Back in 2016 when I started to use Crisp I noticed how the UI is way more polished and slick when compared to other chat services. It has many features and it doesn’t force-feed you to use the ones you don’t need. It’s simple, easy to use and nice for administrators and the website visitors.

On top of normal chat functions you can even see what the visitor is doing, in Hotjar-style (psst. Check out Hotjar’s The complete guide to session recordings, it’s awesome!), if visitor’s privacy settings allow it. If the agent is unable to answer in time, you can play Flappy Bird in the meantime.


  • Free! (of course there are paid plans too, which are awesome, by the way)
  • Slick and easy to use UI
  • Apps for every platform
  • Lots of customization featuers
  • Lots of languages (even Finnish)
  • Recognizes user browser language
  • Support for multiple users
  • Support for multiple websites
  • Great away indicators
  • Automatic user information from email, if exists
  • Screencast
  • Possible to send files and screenshots
  • GIF-support
  • Emoji support
  • Works inside the browser as well
  • Possible to answer to chats via e-mail
  • E-mail transcripts
  • Real-time stats
  • Analytics
  • Possible to see user typing before sending the message
  • Updates frequently, great developers
  • API for developers
  • Integrations for many platforms like Slack and Telegram
  • Automatic messages
  • Audio messages
  • Video messages

Con: Cons

Is there any? You tell me!

Get Crisp now

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