New TV Series Castle Rock is a treat for Stephen King fans

Castle Rock is a town that is presented in many of Stephen King’s stories as avid readers may know already. The “King of stories” doesn’t fail this time either although the story is once again centered around a town which may seem repetitive, but who cares because he knows what he is doing. Castle Rock is not the first bestseller, who remembers Waterwille, Wester’s Mill and Salem’s Lot? In fact, there are lot of towns in his stories, look the Wikia about Cities and Towns.

Castle Rock is an American psychological thriller/horror anthology premiered on July 25, 2018 on Hulu network. The series is created by Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason. The wide audience might not know their earlier creations, like Shaw’s Masters of Sex, although Manhattan might be a more familiar series. Dustin Thomason is more like a producer and writer that worked previously with The Evidence for instance. It may not come as a surprise that King itself is with the producers in this. Can’t go wrong there!

 Castle Rock
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Not going to spoil anything here, just telling the premises and basic plot. The story starts when an old warden of the Shawnshank prison (Terry O’Quinn) commits suicide and a strange boy is found inside a secret vault of the prison. Henry Matthew Deaver (André Holland) is a criminal law attorney specializing in capital punishment cases. He left Castle Rock after the townspeople suspected his involvement in his adoptive father’s death, but returns upon receiving a strange request.

After watching six episodes, seems like this will be worthwhile.

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