Remove Windows 10 bloat with this amazing script

Let’s face it, Windows 10 includes the system full of bloatware. There is lots of software you don’t ever need and you have to spend a lot of time to get rid of them as soon as you get the system installed. You could install Windows 10 LTSB (Long Term Support Branch) which doesn’t have the fancy features and updates, but if you want to enjoy some of the stuff, you can’t have it both ways.

That’s where the nerds of the net come to rescue! User matthewjberger has posted this amazing snippet to GitHub:

How to remove bloat

  1. Download script as bat file by right clicking “view raw” / “Raw” button or this text link and choosing Save Link As
  2. Click start menu
  3. Type cmd
  4. Right click command prompt, click Run as Administrator
  5. Go to the directory where you installed the script, for example for downloads type first C:, then cd Users/YOURUSERNAMEHERE/Downloads
  6. Run script by typing Windows10-Bloat.bat

That’s it! enjoy bloat-free Windows!

Thanks for reading! I need your attention for a moment.

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  1. Pete

    Couple days ago I happened to install Windows 10. It’s so ridiculous that M$ offers two options when installing the OS. It’s basically this: “Send all your data to us” or “Send just *some* of your data us”.

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  2. uuppi

    I thought the readers of this post might also be interested in TronScript:

    It is basically a glorified collection of batch files that automate the process of cleaning up and disinfecting Windows machines (Extracted from the README).

    One of its features is the removal of bloatware from Windows.

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  3. simon

    aah, lovely internet community working together against digital (legal) terrorists. love it,

    thx for sharing,

    have fun,


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  4. Justin G

    Thank you,
    Note: cmd line directions are not quite clear. need to say, Change directory to C or the drive letter you saved the script.Bat file cd C:\ hit enter next at cmd prompt C:\> type cd Users/username/Downloads hit enter next at the cmd prompt type Windows10-bloat.bat hit enter….
    Awesome script much appreciated.
    If you can’t UPGRADE to WINDOWS 7, do this !!!

    Justin G

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  5. Christie

    Saved As… Then went to file location… Right Click, Run as Admin, Enter, Done.

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  6. janis

    Who ever wrote this Script is a God for my! 🙂

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  7. Joseph Donahue

    I downloaded fildo like 6-8 months ago and i can say it has its ups and downs. U may get a lot of songs for free but u will see that while downloading, the app will frezee a lot of times and it has a lot of errors…

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