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As an entrepreneur who works with websites, it’s a necessity to have your sites monitored and service status presented to your visitors and customers. Oh, you don’t? Please continue reading.

Most of the people on the scene don’t realize how important it is to monitor websites, servers, and services. Most of the time servers just crash and sites are offline without anyone noticing except the actual users. This has been happening for bigger companies as well. Users are screaming all over Twitter “is the site down or is it just me?”.

There are many services that provide this kind of service, one of the most famous is Pingdom. However, quality of service, features, and prices can vary a lot.

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Why not use DIY-solution, bash scripts or Zabbix?

Of course, but they are not always reliable or user-friendly. Unless you are ultra-geek and want to put lots of time to it. AdminLabs is tailored for business-use and there’s a team behind it who develop it further every week.

Website monitoring

AdminLabs’ website monitoring is very straightforward. You can monitor sites with URL, PING or PORT protocols. The most used one is to scan sites with URL at certain intervals and retry times. You can set up notifications to notify about problems in Slack, Telegram, SMS, email, and Pushover or set up a webhook for your DIY-solutions.

Status pages

The status page side of Admin Labs is really ingenious, because it combines the website monitoring service. Other services have often either one, like popular which don’t have its own monitors or services like Uptime Robot that don’t have any status pages.

You can add monitors to your status page to report automatically or use your own components that doesn’t have any monitors attached. On top to this, you can add unlimited amount of sub-components. AdminLabs also has incidents, maintenances, outage reports baked in.

My status page (pictured above) is not very fancy because I don’t have that many components on this current setup, but you can see a different kind of examples of status pages: demo 1, demo 2, demo 3 or try your own.

What else?

AdminLabs team is very responsive and develops their service further continuously. AdminLabs deserves to be more popular. Release notes, as well as other info can be viewed on their website

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This blog post is a bit promoted, obviously. Still, I love the service – hence I write about it.

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