How to make money online – for real

Well, that’s the question! Usually the sites who offer tips like these are full of scams. You cannot really “make money” by answering to surveys or gambling. Here are my tips (don’t blame me if they do not work, but I’ve seen some of them work).

Unless many other blogs, I’ll let you know the good and bad sides of these options as well.

1. Start blogging and sell ads

This needs hard work, but it may be worth it. I’ve been personally able to earn a bit on the side just by sending text links. Other forms of ads can be promoted articles and image banners. And then there’s Google AdSense.

Passive income

You only need to write compelling articles but besides that not much effort needed. “Easy” money if you know what you’re doing.

Con: Lots of work

You know, nothing comes easy. Also ads won’t pay the bills unless you have tens of thousands of visitors or more. People use adblocks. Lots of obstacles.

2. Code your own platform

If you have ideas and skills at coding, you can create your own product. If or when it becomes successful, you can transform it to a start up. I’ve tried that with bill management platform and Admin Labs status page and website monitoring service. You should try it out too!

You can even become a millionaire

There are many successful projects that started small. Facebook, PayPal and Google to name a few. You don’t have to aim high, but there’s a chance in better life here. If you don’t know how to code, you can team up with a coder and do some marketing yourself.

Con: Needs skills, time and effort

This might be the hardest way to earn money online. But after you do the hard work, it might as well be worth it.

3. Make your own music

If you are a musical person, make a song or two. See how it goes. DistroKid is an easy way to get your music out to all streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music. At Bandcamp you can sell your music directly to consumers without anyone taking any cut from your pay. Proof that this works: Even I have got some sales at Bandcamp, see for yourself!

Music is a powerful thing

When you get in the groove, money doesn’t matter, so it’s surprising to see if someone likes it enough to pay it. That inspires to make new music.

Con: Skills and hard work

Same song again. Yes, it’s a long way to be a successful musician. But you never know, if you never try.

4. Sell the stuff you don’t need

The classic tip. You can sell stuff on eBay or Amazon, you must have something you don’t need.

Everyone can do it

Yes, even you. Unless you are Steve Jobs and don’t have any furniture or even a bed. Sell all the stuff!

Con: Not a very long-term solution

The sad truth is, stuff won’t last.

5. Sell your creations or skills

If you know to write, write an ebook and sell it widely on Kindle and other platforms. Offer consulting work at your town. Sell your paintings. Offer your work at Fiverr, Freelancer or Do translations jobs, web design, everything you know.

You can start it now

You don’t need anything else than a computer and your skills. It’s easy to start as long as you are skilled and know it.

Con: Competition

You need to stomp your prices down if you want to get some jobs. At Fiverr and similar services many have low prices so potential customers won’t take your services unless you convince why you are the one.

There’s more

These five tips are the only things I personally can offer to you, because I have seen them work. I won’t tell you bullshit advice about something that I don’t have any idea of. Bitcoins, of course, but that’s it.

If you need to get more tips, read this random blog post that has 65 more tips listed out on how to make money online.

Or this: 25 AWESOME Ways To Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom [2019].

Thanks for reading! I need your attention for a moment.

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  1. Denys

    About first step in this article. If you’ll create good blog with good traffic, you can use not only Google Adsense. Direct Ads from the big or not big companies also could be. So you have a chance make cooperation with many companies. Depend of the blog’s topic…

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  2. Alex

    Blogging is really a popular way to make money online, from accepting ads, creating a blog community, and affiliate marketing!

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