Jabra Move Wireless bluetooth-headphones review

Everyone is used to wires when using headphones, but from 2015 there has been a limited amount of truly wireless headphones and earbuds available. However, the price tag alone has prevented many consumers from purchasing them. Jabra Move is one of the cheaper ones that claims not to compromise quality.

Jabra is a subsidiary company of GN Group, which is a Danish manufacturer of hearing instruments and audiological diagnostics equipment founded in 1869. When I first walked into my local tech shop, I was looking for typical KOSS earbuds that I’ve used to have for a long time. However, when the sales person introduced me to Jabra Move headphones, I was hooked. The price tag 100 € didn’t sound bad at all, considering the battery life and an excellent sound quality. More information about the headphones can be found from Jabra Move’s website.

After a while of using, I’ve been pleased overall. There are minor issues, though. With Mac OS X, it’s sometimes difficult to keep a connection. When the gentle female voice feedback was pleasing first, lately I have many times frustrated with “Disconnected … connected … disconnected” voice feedback. In worst case scenario I have to re-pair the whole thing. That usually happens when multiple devices are paired simultaneously.

Switching between multiple devices is not as simple as I thought either. If I stop music for two seconds, I start hearing my wife listening to hers a moment after. That’s why I usually remove the pairing completely if we watch a movie from her larger screen.

I think Jabra Move is more designed for to use with mobile devices, because the female voice guidance often says “To connect Move, go to the Bluetooth menu on your phone and select it from the list.”. Phone. I rarely use headphones that big with my phone. Perhaps that’s why they don’t play that well with computers.

Pros and cons

 Great battery life, usually over 8 hours straight
Affordable. 100 €/$ is not much for wireless headphones
 Easy to use. Just pair the Bluetooth device and go.
Quality feeling
Con:  Some connection issues with Mac OS X, especially with multiple devices in the room
Con: Perhaps too narrow piece for the ear. It made my ears hurt at first before they got used to the size. One size does not always fit for all.
Con:  “Battery low” voice guidance starts too early. It’s annoying because it interrupts you regularly, often for hours.
Con: If you are a real geek like me, you have to charge the headphones daily.

I like these overall. If you are looking for a decent pair of headphones and are on a budget, don’t hesitate. However, after months of using I would still prefer wired headphones just because of the battery. Wires are not that bad, and for regular headphones, you won’t need another power supply.

Thanks for reading! I need your attention for a moment.

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  1. Luan Barrett

    Hello Roni.
    I’m experiencing the same troubles you had.
    Did you found some way to fix this “Battery low” warning?

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  2. Roni Laukkarinen

    Hello. I’m afraid there is no fix to that. I bought wired headphones.

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  3. Nika Vartanova

    Hi. I know it’s a late reply, but I’ve been looking for a solution to this, as well, and figured out one (or at least a workaround): turning off voice guidance completely.

    It doesn’t affect voice assistant settings (your google, siri, etc), and effectively doubles *the comfortable* playback time (no more loud, annoying ‘battery low’ alarms every 10 minutes once said battery hits 50%). And the voice guidance itself isn’t all that useful, anyway.

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    1. Roni Laukkarinen

      Hello and thanks for commenting! I don’t own these headphones any more, but as far as I recall, there was no “voice guidance” settings in these headphones. Maybe you confuse them to some other pair?

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